Your Privacy.

Protecting your privacy is important to us. AIAC undertake all reasonable steps to
ensure your personal information is protected. Our Personal Information & Privacy
Policy can be found here.

Below is a summary of this policy.

Type of information collected.

Includes, but is not limited to: Personal details (names, addresses etc.), Bank details (for refunds), Proof of
identity, USI, Medical information, financial information (for Visa, DIBP etc.).

What we do with your information.

Personal information is required for (includes, but is not limited to): booking CASA exams, providing flight
training and meeting CASA requirements, handling of complaints, co-operating with relevant government
agencies & law enforcement bodies, to provide student support services, verifying identity. Information is
stored electronically in our Flight School Manager which is password protected with varying levels of
access. Hard copies are stored.

How we collect your personal information.

Primarily, most of the information we require will be provided by you in our enrollment application and other
administrative forms. We may also collect information through our website (cookies, i.p. addresses, email
forms, etc.), from public information shared on social media, Interviews, general conversation, exam and
other registrations and other relevant sources as needed.


The Australian Privacy Act allows individuals to remain anonymous. AIAC acknowledges this right, however,
due to the nature of aviation & security issues, it may not be possible to graduate or study at AIAC. If you do
not wish to provide AIAC with your personal information, perhaps you should re-consider your chosen
career path, as it will be very difficult to work in the aviation industry whilst remaining anonymous.

Last updated: 29 March, 2021