Welcome to AIAC.

Australian International Aviation College (AIAC) is a leading provider of flight
training for both domestic and international students.

Our success comes from designing courses that have our students, and their
futures, firmly in mind. As a globally engaged organisation, we are committed to
ensuring our flight instructors provide a positive learning experience and
supportive environment for students from diverse cultural backgrounds.

Based in picturesque Port Macquarie, on the mid-north coast of New South
Wales, with access to an uninterrupted airspace and a modern training fleet,
there's no better place to learn to fly.

Step on board... and see for yourself.

Uniquely certified in Australia and China.


Fully certified by the Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) to deliver flight training in Australia to domestic and international cadets. AIAC deliver both non-integrated and integrated courses under the CASR parts 141 and 142.


We are one of only three Australian flight schools with Civil Aviation Administration of China approval to conduct CPL and Instrument Rating training under CCAR 141.

Our training philosophy.

Student and instructor

Every student matters.

Our flight instructors, aircraft maintenance engineers, managers and administrative personnel are firmly committed to ensuring each student receives highly structured and personalised training.

Two students inspecting a Diamond plane

Safety comes first.

At AIAC, we are strongly committed to our safety philosophy which states our students, instructors and assets should operate in the lowest possible risk environment.

Student and instructor

Captains, not co-pilots.

We believe in providing our students with the foundational skills, proficiency and confidence to become future airline captains—just one of the reasons why a large percentage of our graduates are now flying for some of the world's best airlines.

Student and instructor viewing a flight map

Standardised training.

Our standardised approach to flight training ensures all our students achieve a higher level of competency in the shortest possible time frame. Most of our flight instructors have been trained by our company from the onset of their flight instructor rating training, so you can be guaranteed the highest level of consistency across all our training methods.

Student and instructor

Minimal change.

We're committed to providing students with one-on-one training with the same instructor for the duration of their training program. Combined with high-quality teaching, each student will enjoy a dynamic and personalised learning environment where their individual study and career goals are realised, and the best possible learning outcomes are achieved.

A group of students enjoying a meal

A culture of welcome.

We're a friendly, warm and welcoming bunch. So wherever you're from, we'll do our best to make you feel at home. We know that living and training in a culture that is different than your own can be hard, so we’re always finding new ways to support our overseas students.

A long history; a soaring future.

Celebrating over 30 years of flight training, AIAC has a long-held reputation
as one of the leading flight training organisations in Australia. As an
internationally recognised training provider, we have long-terms plans to train
hundreds of new cadets in other regional centres.


DECEMBER — AIAC joined Liaoning Fangda Group Industrial Co. Ltd. and entered a brand new era. Find out more about Fangda Group .


JANUARY — AIAC acquired four new Diamond DA40NG single-engine aircrafts, proudly expanding our existing fleet of Austrian-made Diamonds to 14.


MARCH — Eight new aircraft are added to our existing Diamond Aircraft fleet of DA20 C1 and DA40 CS, making our fleet exclusively Diamond.


DECEMBER — AIAC invests $9.2 million AUD in new aircraft, building our total fleet to 20.


NOVEMBER — The first 35 Chinese airline cadets begin Commercial Pilot Licence training in Port Macquarie with a further 33 enrolled for 2015.


SEPTEMBER — AIAC begins operating a second campus from temporary premises at Kempsey Airport.


JULY — The Chinese Government gives approval to AIAC to conduct airline pilot training for Chinese airlines. Only two other flying schools in Australia are certified by the Civil Aviation Administration of China.


JANUARY — Johnston Aviation Services becomes part of China’s HNA Aviation Group and Australian International Aviation College is born.


MARCH — Johnston Aviation Services is established by Jamie and Anne Johnston, with a commitment to providing high quality flight training.