Life at AIAC, By Kuhn (AIAC/Lucky Air Cadet, 2020).

How time flies! I’ve now been in Australia for 16 months, but when look back, it seems like I departed China yesterday. The last 16 months have been a very special time in my life. In 16 months, I went from being a university student to a fully qualified Commercial Pilot! It’s amazing for me.

In the beginning, we spent a few weeks studying ground theory class. English was our biggest barrier. But we were not afraid, a real pilot dares to face any and all challenges. Every class we progress, and our instructors are very patient and professional. We gradually adapt to the English environment.

When we finished our basic aeronautical knowledge training, we start our flying. Your first flight is always unforgettable. It’s our first time to control an aircraft. Before our first flight, we often dream about what it would be like. When it became real, we were enchanted by flying and instantly fell in love with it!

I have asked my classmates what their most unforgettable flight was. The answer is always the first solo. It’s the moment we become a real pilot. The instructor will complete a solo check before our flight and when everything looks safe, we fly off on our own with the instructor monitoring us from the ground. It’s hard to describe the feeling unless you experience it for yourself.

There is a bit of a tradition for after you land your first solo; we drench the pilot with water (even in winter!) to celebrate the successful of first solo. At the same time, the cold water reminds us to keep calm in all situations.

Then we started working on the Commercial Pilot Licence which included 70 hours flying solo. I loved the opportunity to leave the surface of earth and soar through the skies!

We lived and studied in Port Macquarie, NSW. It’s a very beautiful town by the sea. The climate is also very good, and many people come here for their holidays.

We stay in self-contained accommodation with a pool and BBQ facilities. When we can, we (the cadets) gather together and cook some delicious food and talk about flying.

We were able to celebrate Chinese New Year here. We made dumplings and other traditional dishes. Even though we are far away from home, sometimes it doesn’t feel far at all!

I have so many wonderful memories of my time at AIAC. I will never forget the excitement of taking control an aircraft for the first time, and the warmth of close friends and friendly instructors. I will always miss you AIAC.