Boeing Predicts Growth

Be job ready today and prepared for tomorrow

Aviation has proved itself to be highly resilient during tough times. The recovery of the Aviation sector from the current pandemic disruption is inevitable. Are you job ready? Do you have the recency and qualifications to jump back into the industry as it recovers?

Boeing predicts growth

Despite Aviation experiencing the worst down-turn in history, Boeing’s latest 20 year outlook is predicting substantial growth for Aviation.

38,000 flight crew needed.
2.1% annual economic growth.
2.3% fleet growth.

And that’s just the Oceanic region! There has never been a better time to prepare yourself for entry (or re-entry) into the industry!


Job Growth

Despite current challenges, excellent job growth is predicted in Oceania as the market rebounds.

Fleet Growth

As older planes are retired and more passengers return to the skies, substantial growth of the local fleet is expected.

Global Traffic Growth

Oceania is expected to see significant traffic growth, particularly in the South East Asian markets.

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