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Renowned for our personalised approach to flight training, we approach
everything we do with genuine enthusiasm.

Our flight instructors, aircraft maintenance engineers, managers and
administrators combine decades of experience in the aviation industry. Many
have worked as commercial airline pilots and we're proud to say, all of our flight
instructors have trained with AIAC from the onset of their flight instructor rating.

With a passion and commitment to training safe, competent and employable
pilots, we love what we do, and it shows.

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Gerard Byrne - Head of Operations and Flight Examiner

Gerard Byrne Head of Operations
and Flight Examiner

Gerard Byrne - Simulation Quality Manager and Head of Internal Training

Byrne, Gerard

  • Head of Operations
    and Flight Examiner

Ged has been with the foundation of AIAC since his first flight lesson with Johnson Aviation. After a career in secondary and tertiary teaching he transitioned into flight training which has been his career for over a decade.

For the past 6 years he has been responsible for instructor standardisation and training, simulation management, and training resource development. The quality of the training resources on offer to the students studying at the college are the result of many years of diligent review and improvement.

With training qualifications for Flight instructor ratings and endorsements including Multi-engine Aeroplane, Instrument ratings, Design Feature and Night VFR as well as a Flight Examiner rating, Ged is well placed to head a fantastic team whose combined experience spans decades in all areas of aviation.

Jamie Johnston - Flight Examiner and Senior Instructor

Jamie Johnston Flight Examiner
and Senior Instructor

Jamie Johnston - Flight Examiner and Senior Instructor

Johnston, Jamie

  • Flight Examiner
    and Senior Instructor

James Johnston was a pioneer of pilot training in the Kempsey/Port Macquarie area from 1991 when he founded Johnston Aviation, now known as the Australian International Aviation College.

Over the last 30 years, James has built a professional Australian flight training school which has the reputation of being one of the best in the country. James has trained many of Australia's current airline captains and first officers, as well as flight instructors. He has flown in the airlines, corporate jet charter, and worked as an instructor, check and training captain and flight examiner during his career.

James currently holds an Airline Transport Pilot's Licence, Grade 1 Multi-Engine Instructor Rating, a Flight Examiner Rating and has conducted over 2,500 flight tests as an examiner. His vast aviation experience is unparalleled in general aviation, and it is with this knowledge that he is able to mentor junior instructors and continue to improve upon aviation safety and standards throughout his career.

Ashlee Fell Operations Manager
and Flight Examiner

Ashlee Fell - Operations Manager and Flight Examiner

Fell, Ashlee

  • Operations Manager
    and Flight Examiner

Ashlee started as a student when the college was formally known as Johnston Aviation Services. Loving the lifestyle in Port Macquarie and having a passion for teaching she progressed through flight instructor roles before settling into the Operations Manager position in 2018.

Completing a Diploma in Leadership and Management in 2020 and a Graduate Certificate in Transformational Leadership in Education in 2021, Ashlee continues to look for ways to improve herself and her colleagues. Being surrounded by a great group of people and enjoying what Port Macquarie has to offer with her family makes her job feel easy.

Ashlee’s experience in aviation management and commitment to our student's success, provides our students with clear goals, minimising down time and ensuring motivated students make efficient use of their time and, their investment in a future in aviation.

Ashlee Fell - Operations Manager and Flight Examiner
Greg Parnell – Safety Manager

Greg Parnell Safety Manager

Greg Parnell – Safety Manager

Parnell, Greg

  • Safety Manager

Greg was an Air Force pilot and flying instructor for 23 years and holds an Airline Transport Pilot Licence and Grade 1 instructor rating. He taught aerobatics, spinning, low flying and formation flight.

He worked for 10 years with Boeing and L3 Link Training & Simulation, instructing in the Boeing C-17 Flight Simulator and managing contracted training for RAAF aircrew.

After decades working in high-risk environments, Greg knows that safety in operations requires more than just policies – it must be actively managed. For over two years Greg has been the full time Safety Manager at AIAC maintaining the Safety Management System. He works closely with instructors, management and students to help them exceed the minimum regulatory standards and continuously improve the safety of operations at the College.

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