AVI50222 Diploma of Aviation -
Commercial Pilot Licence (Aeroplane)

A Commercial Pilot Licence (CPL) is the first step towards a rewarding career
in aviation. On successful completion, you'll be authorised to take fee-paying
passengers on joy and charter flights during daylight hours and in good weather.

We recommend that students considering this course (AVI50222) also enrol in
AVI50519 Diploma of Aviation - Instrument Rating. Completing a 'Dual Diploma'
will enhance your employment opportunities, allow you to graduate sooner and
save you money on incidental costs.

Australian Qualifications Framework
nationally recognised training
  • Overview

    After successful completion of this nationally recognised training course, you will receive a Diploma in Aviation - Commercial Pilot Licence (Aeroplane) as well as your CASA issued Commercial Pilot Licence. Students will generally complete a minimum of 150 hours of flight training in a Diamond DA20, DA40NG and DA40/42 Flight Simulation Training Device. In addition, you'll be required to complete 70 hours as Pilot in Command, flying solo. Before graduating, you'll need to demonstrate your learnings in a 3 hour flight test with one of our own CASA approved flight examiners.

    * Flight training hours are subject to student progress. Additional hours may be required.

    When it comes to practical guidance and theory, you'll need to complete more than 900 hours of classroom time and briefings, in addition to 8 hours of self-study per week. You'll also be required to pass a number of in-house exams, as well as seven CASA CPL exams. All classes are led by our experienced flight instructors who will help you to achieve your goals. Class sizes are intentionally kept small to give you the best opportunity to learn.

    If taken full-time, the AVI50222 Diploma of Aviation - Commercial Pilot Licence (Aeroplane) is generally completed in 9 months. Part-time study options are available if you only want your CPL licence without the Nationally Recognised Diploma. The course is conducted at our Port Macquarie campus at Port Macquarie Airport. All classrooms are modern and fitted with multi-media equipment for effective course delivery.

    Starting in January, our intake for our Diploma program is every three months. Applications for each intake close on the first day of the preceeding month. Prospective students should expect to hear back from one our team within two weeks of submitting their application.

  • Requirements

    To be considered for this course, students must meet the minimum entry requirements. Please be aware, meeting these requirements does not guarantee entry.

    Students must be over the of age 18 prior to their first day of study.

    Prior to enrolment, students should visit a Designated Aviation Medical Examiner (DAME) to obtain a Class 1 medical certificate from CASA website. International students who are unable to visit a DAME will asked to supply a certified, translated copy of a medical certificate which meets the requirements of the CASA medical examination.

    Prior to enrolment, students will need to apply for an Aviation Reference Number (ARN) and an Aviation Security Identification Card (ASIC). In place of an ASIC, International students will be asked to supply a certified and translated copy of a police background check as part of their enrolment application. On arrival at AIAC, international students can then apply for an ASIC.

    Domestic and international students must be proficient in English and meet the minimum English Language Proficiency requirements (i.e. IELTS 5.5 with no individual score below 5)

    Students are required to complete Year 12 or equivalent and have a sound understanding of maths and physics.

    Students who have been pre-approved for enrolment will be invited to sit a 'Basic Aeronautical Knowledge' quiz and a 'General English Language' assessment. Contact us if you would like to know more.

    Applicants will be required to conduct a pre-enrolment video interview with our Head of Operations and may be required complete other pre-enrolment assessments.

    Students must consent to mandatory and random drug and alcohol testing.

    Before entering Australia, cadets from other countries will be need to hold a student visa (500). While studying, cadets must maintain their visa obligations, including performance, attendance and English language proficiency requirements.

    Students will need their own laptop or tablet to aid their studies, as well as a valid personal email address to receive notifications from AIAC and CASA.

    Applicants must be in a position to pay all fees and charges. Please be aware, we may ask for provision of evidence.

    Prospective students should also check the specific eligibility requirements outlined on the CASA website as well as any additional entry requirements that may be outlined in our enrolment form. Enrolment of International Students is conditional on receiving their Class 1 medical certificate and their ASIC on arrival in Australia. For full enrolment details, please download our Recruitment & Enrolment Procedures for Domestic and International Students.

  • Core Units

    A successful assessment outcome must be achieved for 29 units of competency comprising of:

    —   28 core units listed below plus;

    —   1 general elective unit


    Maintain aircraft radio communications


    Implement aviation risk management processes


    Implement aviation fatigue risk management processes


    Implement threat and error management strategies


    Manage safe flight operations


    Manage aircraft passengers and cargo


    Manage human factors in aviation operations


    Plan a flight under visual flight rules


    Navigate aircraft under visual flight rules


    Licence to operate a commercial aeroplane


    Manage disruptive behaviour and unlawful interference with aviation


    Manage pre- and post-flight actions


    Operate and manage aircraft systems


    Operate aircraft using aircraft flight instruments


    Operate in controlled airspace


    Operate in Class G airspace


    Operate at non-towered aerodromes


    Operate at a controlled aerodrome


    Apply aeronautical knowledge to aviation operations


    Apply the principles of civil air law to aviation operations


    Execute advanced aeroplane manoeuvres and procedures


    Manage abnormal aeroplane flight situations


    Control aeroplane on the ground


    Take off aeroplane


    Control aeroplane in normal flight


    Land aeroplane


    Manage aircraft fuel


    Manage situational awareness in aircraft flight

    Elective Unit:


    Apply aircraft safety procedures

  • Outcomes

    After successfully completing the Diploma of Aviation - Commercial Pilot Licence (Aeroplane) you'll be able to:

    • carry fee-paying passengers, or gain employment as a commercial pilot;
    • operate as a co-pilot or pilot in command (with some restrictions) on scenic flights, joy flights and the like, in a single engine aircraft;
    • add ratings or endorsements to your licence, such as the Instrument Rating to allow you fly at night or in a multi-engine aircraft; and
    • enrol in our flight instructor course and become a CASA endorsed flight instructor.

    You'll also be able to continue your studies through the following courses:

    • AVI50319 - Diploma of Aviation (CPL - Helicopter)*
    • AVI50119 - Diploma of Aviation (Aviation Management)*
    • AVI60219 - Advanced Diploma of Aviation (Pilot in Command)*
    • AVI60119 - Advanced Diploma of Aviation (Chief Flight Instructor)*

    * These courses are currently not offered by AIAC.

    For further information on opportunities at the end of this course, visit the CASA website.

  • Pricing

    Our course fees are separated into two categories - tuition fees and incidental costs. When considering a course at AIAC, please take both categories into consideration.

    For full details, please refer to our schedule of fees and payment terms for domestic and international students.

    All prices shown are in Australian dollars and exclude GST.

    Tuition Fees

    These costs are directly associated with your training and are unlikely to change for the duration of your course. Please be aware, AIAC is not yet registered under the VET Student Loan Scheme and you will be required to pay for your tuition in full. While AIAC endeavour to absorb most of the extra costs involved in processing and caring for international students, regrettably we do need to charge our international students a little bit more.

    AVI50222 Diploma of Aviation -
    Commercial Pilot Licence (Aeroplane)
    Domestic $89,750
    International $96,750
    Dual Diploma
    AVI50222 Diploma of Aviation - Commercial Pilot Licence (Aeroplane)
    AVI50519 Diploma of Aviation - Instrument Rating By enrolling in the Dual Diploma Program, students save money by paying some fees only once.
    Domestic $124,500
    International $135,000
    Course Deposit Fee
    Course Deposit, Non-refundable. The deposit is taken as a down payment on the fees listed above.
    Domestic $1,500
    International $1,500

    Incidental Costs

    These are costs related to your living expenses and other study items and include rent, food, purchasing study materials (computers, pilot uniforms etc) and other associated costs. While we've tried to consider everything, the below list is not exhaustive.

    Recognition of Prior Learning
    Includes an assessment of your existing skills and qualifications, as well as a flight assessment at our Port Macquarie training centre.
    Domestic $3,000
    International $3,000
    CASA Exams (x7)
    Payable to CASA. One attempt at each exam is included in your tuition fees.
    Domestic $158 - $181
    Vary per exam
    International $158 - $181
    Vary per exam
    CASA Flight Tests
    Recreational Pilot's Licence (RPL)
    Commercial Pilot's Licence (CPL)
    One attempt at each exam is included in your tuition fees.
    $550 (RPL)
    $900 (CPL)
    $550 (RPL)
    $900 (CPL)
    CASA Medical Application Form
    Payable to CASA.
    Domestic $75
    International $75
    ASIC Card Application
    Valid for two years. Allow up to three weeks for delivery.
    Domestic from $234
    International from $234
    Student Visa Application
    Applicable to International Students only; payable to the Department of Home Affairs.
    International from $630
    Immigration Medical Examination
    Applicable to International Students only; payable to your nominated Medical Practitioner.
    International from $1,000
    International English Language Test (IELT)
    Applicable to International Students only; payable to the educator.
    International from $400
    Late Payment Fee
    Domestic $150
    International $150
    Remedial Training
    Applicable to any student that may require additional flight training beyond the standard 150 hours included in the tuition.
    Aircraft hire

    from $285 p/h
    Aircraft hire

    from $285 p/h
    Overseas Student Health Cover
    This cost only applies if training exceeds specified course duration.
    International monthly $44