Cancellations & Refunds.

For our complete policies regarding cancellations and refunds, please refer to our
Cancel-Defer-Suspend Policy and our Refunds Policy.

Below is a summary of these policies.

Cancellations & Deferments.

AIAC reserves the right to cancel or suspend a course as a result of willful misconduct, poor progress, poor
attendance and or compassionate grounds. Students may able to defer, suspend or cancel their enrolment
at any time, but only in limited circumstances. If the student is an international student, he or she must
understand that cancellation, deferment or suspension of their enrolment at AIAC could affect their student
visa and ability to remain in Australia.


In general, International students studying the Diploma courses will not be able to transfer to another
education provider (or from another provider to AIAC) until they have completed 6 months of their principle


Whether a student will or will not receive a refund depends on the reason for their request. A full refund
should never be assumed. No refund will be given if the student breaches their VISA conditions or is
terminated from the college due to breaches outlined in the Code of Conduct Student Handbook.

Refunds will be issued pro-rata. If you require a refund and it has been approved, you will be refunded any
pre-paid fees minus any costs AIAC have already encountered relating directly to your training. A 10%
administration fee will also apply.

Your pre-paid fees are protected under Government Legislation. in the event that AIAC ceases to operate or
cannot provide you with the agreed upon training, your unused pre-paid fees will be refunded. In this case,
no administration fee will apply.

Last updated: 29 March, 2021