Recreational Pilot Licence (RPL)

This is the first pilot licence level and all the training required during the formative stages of developing the skills to operate an aircraft. Once achieving the RPL students are able to take non-paying passengers on flights within our local training area of Port Macquarie. The RPL candidate is required to hold either a full Class 2 medical or the Recreational Aviation Medical Practioners Certificate (RAMPC),restrictions apply.



Private Pilot Licence (PPL)

This is a continuation from the RPL and is principally a general skills consolidation and cross-country navigation training. Once you achieve your PPL you are given the additional privileges of flying non-paying passengers within Australian airspace during day VFR flight conditions.

The PPL candidate must hold a class 2 medical and a pass in the PPL theory exam.

Time required to obtain a PPL is 5 weeks full time (excluding theory) and is weather permitting.

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Course estimates include the following:

Recreational Pilot Licence (RPL) Pilot School

Dual Diamond DA20
Solo Diamond DA20
Dual Synthetic Trainer
Flight Test (1.5 Hours)
Test Fee
Pre Solo Exam
Pre Area Solo Exam
Recreational Pilot Exam

20 Hours
5 Hours
1 Hour




Private Pilot Licence (PPL) Pilot School

Dual (NAV) Diamond DA20
Solo (NAV) Diamond DA20
Flight Test Diamond DA20
Licence Test Fee
PPL Licence Fee (CASA)
PPL First Nav Brief
PPL Cyber Exam

(including PPL Nav exercises and test only)

(including RPL costs)


15 Hours
5 Hours
3 Hours




Course based on minimum hours required by Civil Aviation Safety Authority. Any additional training will be charged at standard rates. Please enquire about upgrades and renewals.

* This price only applies to students conducting PPL course full time, periodic training may result in the requirement for more revision to reach required standard.



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