Night VFR Rating (NVFR)

This course provides you with the training to operate a single-engine aircraft at night under the visual flight rules.

This rating starts with 2 hours in the synthetic trainer to develop an understanding of the use of navigational aids and instrument flight, prior to 10 hours of flight training combining both night circuits and cross-country navigational training.

The time period required is 2 weeks weather permitting.

Night VFR Rating (NVFR) Pilot School

Diamond DA40
Diamond DA40/ Flight Test
Night Nav Brief

Min. 10 Hours Dual
Min. 2.5 Hours Dual

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*Once completed this course does not aurthorise the holder of the rating to operate multi-engine under the night visual flight rules.Training and a flight test must be conducted in a multi-engine aircraft. Refer CASR Part 61.


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Night Visual Flight Rating

Learn to fly at Night

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