Multi Engine Command Instrument Rating (IR MEA)

Widely known as one of the industries most reputable IFR training centres,with over 80 initial Instrument Ratings conducted per year using our company devised training aids, together with experienced instructors, you are assured of a rating of the highest standard.

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Our Multi Engine Command Instrument Rating (MEA) course is structured to start in the synthetic trainer, which incorporates nav aid training to develop an understanding of the use of navigational aids and their associated instrument approaches, before moving on to a series of navigational exercises in the trainer.

By the time you start the instrument training in the aircraft, your instructor has confirmed your ability to progress to this stage of the course, and the synthetic trainer has given you the practical knowledge to understand the theory components better.

The next stage is to complete your initial or type endorsement on the Baron prior to moving on to our Baron IFR training sequences, again incorporating IFR airwork, navaid work and navigational sequences.

Before your flight test, you will be evaluated on your IFR theory knowledge, including a thorough revision of your Knowledge Deficiency Report (KDR).

The duration of the IR MEA course is 5 weeks with the pre-requisites of 50 hours as pilot in command on cross country flights, and 5 hours of night experience, including 1 hour in command.

The IR MEA Course includes the following;

Instrument Rating Pilot School

Diamond DA42

Mechtronix FTD
Flight Test & Test Fee

Min. 18.5 Hours

Min. 20 Hours 

* Package includes:

  • GNSS Ground Course
  • Course notes & material
  • Airservices for all aids excluding ILS
  • Endorsements for NDB, VOR, DME/GPS Arrivals and RNAV approaches


Additional Training

* The following courses are available as a 5 week full-time course or as a stand-alone hourly rate.
Please contact us for more information

Minimum 2 Hours Dual Diamond DA42
Theory and Test Fee


Diamond DA42 (Multi Engine Class Rating)
Minimum 5 Hours Dual
Includes all Briefings, exams, manual

Diamond DA42 (Proficiency check)
Minimum 2½ Hours Dual
Includes all briefings, exams, manual

ILS endorsement
Minimum 3 hours Diamond DA42
Minimum 2 hours Mechtronix FTD


Please contact us with any changes or additional training you may require toward this course, including upgrades and renewals.

This course is based on student having CPL with 10hrs basic instrument flight time



Multi Engine Endorsements
AIAC, formally known as Johnston Aviation Services,conducts on average over 80 initial, and multi engine type endorsements each year. Our company has devised a comprehensive manual to aid your training and our experienced instructors ensure both your practical and theory components of the aircraft are of the highest standard.

Time period required for endorsements are 2 to 3 days for initial, and 1 to 1½ days for type. Includes pre/post flight briefings,exams & manual.

Please contact us for more information.

Cat B Elite Flight training simulators for multi engine command instrument ratings
Extensive pre flight briefings

Multi engine flight training at one of Australia's leading MECIR flying schools shows runway approach at night
Multi Engine Command Instrument Ratings

Piper Chieftain Endorsements


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