Instructor Rating

The instructor rating is unlike any other flight training course. The student is not being taught to fly, he or she is being taught to instruct and educate others with a desire to fly.

This course is a rewarding course providing the student enhanced skills and knowledge,adding to your existing skill base, and is an excellent initial step towards the exciting career path as a flight instructor. Becoming an experienced flight instructor is a positive alternative entry into the industry to that of a charter pilot and one that can also enhance your chances of becoming a check and training officer in an airline environment should your career take that direction.Flight Instructors in our organisation,both trainee and existing, develop excellent human factors skills which are recognised,sought after and used extensively in airline flight-deck operations.

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There are many more, however the most measureable benefits below are what AIAC offer to course candidates in their entirely different approach to instructor training.
* Small class sizes.
* You will be aided in developing your own individual briefs.
* You will finish as an instructor with abilities exceeding that of many grade III instructors.
* Most importantly, you will become a confident and valued member of our industry.

Prerequisites for an Instructor Rating:
* Commercial Pilot Licence, and
* Night VFR Rating.

The total experience required to obtain a grade III Instructor Rating is 50 hours, of which 30 hours must be dual training with a grade 1 instructor, and the remaining 20 hours can be mutual training with another instructor, other than the person conducting the dual component, or mutual with another trainee flight instructor.

Price includes accommodation in Port Macquarie for the duration of the course.

The time required to obtain an Instructor Rating is approximately 6-7 weeks, weather permitting.

Course consists of the following;

Instructor Rating Pilot School

Diamond DA20

Flight Test & Fee

Pre/Post Flight Briefing

Flight Instructor Briefs Package

Principles and Methods of Instruction Course

TOTAL ESTIMATED COST-Mutual Flight Training* $19,000


*Mutual flight training involves "pairing" with another trainee flight instructor for the mutal practice components of the course. Once you have obtained your FIR3 you will be required to conduct a Right hand seat familiarisation flight

Min. 50 Hours

2 Hours

Min. 20 Hours



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Diamond DA20 used for Instructor Ratings

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