Advanced Training

AIAC conduct advanced flight training for Instructors wishing to advanced their careers.

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Multi Engine Training Approval Pilot School

Beechcraft Baron BE55
META Instructor Briefs Package
Pre and Post Flight Briefings
Flight Test
Test Fee


Min. 10 Hours


The prerequisites for this course are an Instructor Rating and 50 Hours Command on Multi Engine Aircraft including 10 Hours on type. This allows the Instructor to teach Initial Twin, Multi Engine Endorsements and is a critical component to being able to teach MECIR.

Instrument Training Approval Pilot School

The prerequisites for this course are an Instructor Rating and Command Instrument Rating.

Please contact us with any additional training you may require toward these courses.


RNAV GNSS (If not completed as part of MECIR course) Pilot School

Beechcraft Baron BE55
Theory & Test Fee


Min. 2 Hours


$1,820 (If GPS Arrival Endorsement is included)

Instrument Landing System (ILS) Endorsement (If not completed as part of ME-CIR course) Pilot School

Elite Synthetic Flight Trainer
Beechcraft BE55 Baron
ILS Briefings
Flight test and test fee


Min. 2 Hours
Min. 3 Hours



Multi Engine Endorsements
AIAC conducts on average, over 80 initial, and multi engine type endorsements each year. Our company has devised comprehensive manuals and our grade one instructors ensure both your practical and theory components of the aircraft are of the highest standard.

Time period required for endorsements are 2 to 3 days for initial, and 1 to 1½ days for type. Includes pre/post flight briefings,exams & manual.

Please contact us for more information.

Cat B Elite Flight training simulators for multi engine command instrument ratings
Three Category B Elite Simulators available.

Multi engine flight training at one of Australia's leading MECIR flying schools shows runway approach at night
Multi engine command instrument ratings.

MECIR multi engine command instrument rating in our Piper Chieftain

Gain your multi engine qualifications while you absorb the beautiful scenery and lifestyle of coastal northern New South Wales

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