There is no equal to Johnston Aviation Services (JAS)
We get so much positive feedback about our personalised flight training.
Johnston Aviation Services (JAS) students attest to our value in providing a total flight education program with an emphasis on graduating better pilots.

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My training was conducted in a professional yet relaxed and open atmosphere, this is what sets apart Johnston Aviation Services (JAS) from the normal 'sausage factory' flying schools. I found that my instructors actually cared about seeing me succeed in the course and more importantly develop the right skills and attitudes to succeed in my career. I would highly recommend Johnston Aviation Services to anyone.

Ben White, First Officer Airbus, Cathay Pacific Airways

My entire experience with Johnston Aviation has been very positive from the start, and still continues today. Even though it has been many years since I graduated with ATPL and ME CIR, I have still in more recent times conducted renewals with Jamie.
In my 15 years of airline flying, I still meet past students who are now First Officers and Captains with major airlines. I can by my own personal experience recommend Johnston Aviation Services to realise your career goals.

First Officer Paul Halloran-Virgin Australia


The reason [JAS] has been such a success is that they have treated all their students the same way. With total commitment to individual's academic and social needs during their time there - getting them ready for General Aviation and the Airlines. My experience in Port Macquarie has been nothing short of magnificent and I can't wait to get back for my renewals!

Alister Gosse

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