We teach and grow professional pilots to be highly successful and totally dedicated!

Our 25 year reputation and results are testimony to our skills.

The friendly atmosphere at the Australian International Aviation College, accompanied with uncongested airspace, minimal taxi delays and more hours spent in the air, ensures you receive the most efficient training possible.

Internally developed and individually tailored integrated training systems achieve higher grades in shorter time scales.

Line Pilot Experience Program enables students to gain valuable flight experience.

Practical courses are designed to familiarise the new pilot with a full range of aircraft, including the world's most renowned basic flight trainers along with the latest in technology incorporated into the new fleet of Diamond aircraft.

All staff are experienced, dedicated all weather flying instructors, and through individualised structured courses, are able to give more personal attention to our students.

All our prices quoted on licences, ratings and theory courses may be reduced considerably based on lower priced aircraft type, theory courses previously completed and previous hours flown.

The set courses can be changed to accommodate different aircraft types...just ask us to formulate a package to suit your requirements and budget.

Our courses are based on the CASA minimum requirements and hours required may vary depending on the students progress, frequency of lessons and aptitude to the course.

Ask us to tailor a course to suit your requirements - click here.



Our flight training courses are conducted between 3 modern airconditioned buildings located on the Port Macquarie Airport.

The buildings features excellent lecture rooms for theory classes and pilot-student briefings, rooms are fully equipped with the latest teaching aids.

Internet access is available on all PCs so you can check weather, access NAIPs or browse the web.

The facility also provides a Mechtronix FTD Synthetic Trainer, which students are encouraged to use personally for practice at no charge.

A fully equipped kitchen and crew rooms are also available for your comfort and relaxation after flight training or theory classes.

As well as training facilities we also have our own dedicated team of engineers who are highly skilled with a great "safety comes first" attitude.

This ensures breakdowns and scheduled maintenance is delt with efficiently and our safety is never compromised.





Aircraft fleet at Port Macquarie Airport NSW Australia
Experienced & friendly staff

Quality aircraft, systems and procedures for training pilots to standard
Multi engine command instrument ratings

Learn to fly with the best instructors
Learn to fly with friendly and experienced instructors



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