Diamond DA20

This 2 seat composite built aircraft with Garmin 500 glass cockpit is revolutionising flight training.With its sleek appearance,built to withstand the rigors of training and its 125HP engine, it really is the future of flight training.
This aircraft achieves exceptional performance and economy with its ability to cruise up to 125kts at less than 25 litres per hour.


Diamond DA20

Diamond DA20

Diamond DA40 CS

This 4 seat aircraft is built strong like its counterpart,with Garmin 1000 full glass cockpit,enabling great VFR or IFR capability.
The 180HP engine allows for cruise speeds up to 145kts with amazing economy at 35 litres per hour. This again is a great performer with superb slow speed handling characteristics. Both Diamond models have canopy entry which allows superior outside visability,adding to safety in the air.
The centre stick control gives another beautiful and responsive feel when flying.
The DA40 is a great transition from the DA20 during your training.


Diamond DA40

Diamond Da40 dashl

Diamond DA40 NG

Students undertaking a Commercial Pilot's Licence and Multi Engine Command Instrument Rating will commence their fight training in a new generation DAV40 NG. The four seat aircraft is an effective training platform for commercial cross-country navigation and instrument approach/landing procedures.
With a modern all composite airframe, the DA40 NG also boasts G100 avionics equipment, typical of the types of displays used in transport category aircraft.


Diamond DA40ng

Diamond Da40ng



Diamond DA42

The DA42 is an excellent platform for training. With it's unique combination of performance and utility, the jet-A1 powered aircraft is designed to make transitioning from a single engine to a twin so much easier.

Other features include:

  • an all composite, glass fibre and carbon fibre construction for maximum visibility
  • constant speed unit propellers
  • economic fuel consumption
  • Garmin G1000 electronic avionics equipment

Students undertaking a Commercial Pilot's Licence and Multi Engine Command Instrument Rating will complete their fight training in a DA42.









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