General Aviation Maintenance

At AIAC,general aviation is our passion,we strive to consistently provide a quality product to you the customer.Whether it's customer service or on the tools in the hangar, we are continually updating our procedures, tooling and engineering knowledge to give the customer the most up to date and professional product.

With continued high quality maintenance the overall cost of maintaining an airworthy aircraft will be significantly reduced over the life of the aircraft.


Scheduled Maintenace

Performing scheduled maintenance is a vital part in the life of an aircraft.We carry out both 50 and 100 hourly inspections on all aircraft under 5700kg.



Modifications are carried out on a range of different projects. We work closely with the customer and the aeronautical engineer to make sure that the modifications are carried out to the highest possible standard.



Occasionally, problems arise with aircraft between scheduled inspections. Our experienced team of engineers have years of experience in troubleshooting problems and fixing them to get your aircraft back in the air.


Special Inspections

At AIAC it is standard practice to carry out Airworthiness Directives,Supplemental Inspection Documents (SID, Cessna), Service Bulletins or Airworthiness Bulletins.These can be carried out as part of a scheduled inspection or can be carried out when required by the Civil Aviation Safety Authority to get your aircraft back in the air.

Pre-Purchase Inspections

Independent pre-purchase inspections are a vital part of the process when deciding which aircraft to aquire. We have refined the experience and knowledge in our engineers to bring a well-rounded, independent report on an aircraft you are interested in purchasing.


Complete Rebuilds

With Australia's ageing fleet, there comes a time when an aircraft really needs a complete overhaul.Over the years we have completed a number of big projects.Using the handskills and knowledge of our engineers we are able to bring nearly any aircraft back to its former glory.



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